SAPience TECH Commission 30 Sep: How to create Fiori apps from scratch

SAP FioriThe next TECH Commission is dedicated to SAP mobile and cloud. TheValueChain will explain you how to create Fiori apps from scratch.


How to create Fiori apps from scratch

SAP Fiori is a series of app suites, written by SAP app developers. It is also a development and design approach with a number of soft constraints. Can you build your own Fiori apps? Yes, you can. If you build them right, your users won’t notice the difference with a real Fiori app: simple and recognisable design, easy to use, responsive, based on a role-based approach, and following one of a core set of UI patterns. TheValueChain will show you how to build apps that run inside the Fiori launchpad alongside the SAP-delivered apps.

The event takes place on September 30, 2015 at the SAP Belgium offices – Olympiadenlaan 2, 1140 Evere

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