SAPience TECH Day 8 Oct: SAP Fiori and HANA for ABAP developers

SAP HANAThe TECH Day on 8 October is about today’s game-changing networks – the way in which everything is linked with everyone. And especially about the role that you, as an IT professional, can play in helping your company survive the connected world. Don’t miss TheValueChain’s presentations!


SAP Fiori unleashed: take your mobile apps to the next level using TheValueChain’s development approach

SAP Fiori enables you re-invent the user experience of core SAP scenarios. Implementing Fiori apps is more than just adding new technology. TheValueChain has developed an approach that helps you get the most from Fiori, with your business objectives and processes as a starting point. It helps you see clear into what you need as opposed to what is available, and helps you fill the gaps. Key user involvement, quality assurance and testing are crucial for success. We have done it. Happy to share some lessons learnt at Belgian customers.

The impact of HANA for ABAP developers

With SAP HANA, even seasoned ABAP developers have some learning to do. Existing ABAP code using standard database access via Open SQL runs on SAP HANA without modifications. However, there are some considerations for custom ABAP developments which are recommended to be taken into account during a transition to SAP HANA. In addition, there are opportunities for accelerating and extending existing developments with SAP HANA. TheValueChain helps you understand the impact of SAP HANA on ABAP application development and gives you development guidelines. You will learn how to get started with ABAP on SAP HANA.

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