Discover the new SAP PI REST Adapter

Are you looking for ways to integrate your SAP PI landscape with other REST services, or to publish a REST service? Would you like to gain insight into how to set up the SAP PI REST Adapter? At the TECH Commission on November 19, TheValueChain will showcase features and give configuration recommendations. The Commission is dedicated to SAP Business Connector, Solution Manager, Process Orchestration and Portal. TheValueChain will present two SAP PO topics.


15h25: The new SAP PI REST Adapter unveiled

With the introduction of the REST Adapter in SAP PI/PO, consuming or exposing REST services in PI becomes easier than ever before. REST is an architectural approach for implementing web services in a simple fashion using HTTP/HTTPS calls and JSON or XML. It is the ideal protocol for consumption by light-weight devices such as smart phones or tablets, and for integration with social media platforms and cloud or web-based applications.

TheValueChain will showcase how the new SAP PI REST Adapter facilitates the use of RESTful services in different ways. You will experience the integration easiness of dynamic attributes, JSON conversion and much more.


Venue: SAP offices, Avenue des Olympiades 2 Olympiadenlaan,  1140 Evere – Brussels
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Learn more about TheValueChain’s topic nr. 2 at this TECH Commission: SAPUI5 meets SAP BPM

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