SAPUI5_web_ide_phonesHas integrating SAPUI5 into a BPM process become easier with the introduction of BPM OData services? Yes, definitely. At the TECH Commission of 19 November, 2015, TheValueChain will show you how. The Commission is dedicated to SAP Business Connector, Solution Manager, Process Orchestration and Portal. TheValueChain will present two SAP PO topics.

16h10: SAPUI5 meets SAP BPM

Integrating SAPUI5 into a BPM process has become easier with the introduction of BPM OData services. TheValueChain will demonstrate how the OData service of BPM combined with the power of SAPUI5 enables you to create modern custom UIs for your BPM tasks. On top of this, we show how you can generate SAPUI5 screens automatically in just a few clicks, using the task UI generation wizard.


Venue: SAP offices, Avenue des Olympiades 2 Olympiadenlaan,  1140 Evere – Brussels
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