The faces behind TheValueChain

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Experienced team

Over half of the TheValueChain’s employees have more than 10 years’ project and consultancy experience in SAP and business process optimization. Many of them had worked together for years long before TheValueChain started up. The team has accumulated excellent references long before it became TheValueChain, and is still doing so today.

Michel Martens

Managing Partner TheValueChain Nederland

Michel is a manager with a people-oriented approach. He supervised teams of developers, consultants and project managers and he himself worked as a SAP consultant for years. With 17 years’ SAP experience, he is very familiar with the business and the world of consultants. He holds a master’s degree in Management Sciences. Michel managed over 200 client systems in numerous sectors. Thanks to his technical background, he has a clear understanding of the challenges facing his team. Michel gets his hands dirty while others are still making plans. He knows what he wants and how to achieve it. He is pragmatic, enthusiastic and persistent. A driven man with a clear vision who is able to motivate others to work together to realise this vision.

“I respect people who live for their job. Who work with passion and want to give their all for themselves and their customers. I often tell people about this barber my son and I have been going to for years. It’s a one hour drive for us to get there, but it is well worth it. Because this isn’t just about getting a quick haircut. It is about the whole experience. How that man pulls out all the stops to do a perfect job and give us an excellent experience: that’s what makes us come back over and over again! Well, this is what we at TheValueChain regard as crucial in consultancy work. I love to be part of a team of driven people with a passion for their work. Expert professionals who, thanks to their exceptional knowledge and absolute commitment, continuously amaze their customers. Consider us the barbers of SAP. We aim to achieve the maximum result, at any level.”